Greenies Templates:
These templates include animations of illustrated dogs chewing different objects during the holiday
but don't know what is good for them.




IAMS Templates
These templates include footages of dogs when they are doing fun activities to show how smart they are and IAMS products are the perfect match for them.

Large breed

Healthy weight



Cesar Templates
These templates include footages of dogs being the judges of the food they eat. They are strict and specific, but Cesar product receives their approval and it's the product they enjoy.

Meal Planning

Meal Time

Watching Cooking Videos

Twinning Templates
These templates are the Holiday versions of the Cesar templates. They include the footages of these influencers wearing the same holiday decorated ties or holding the holiday socks and sharing fun activities with their dogs.

Older Core Shopper

Health Conscious Millennials

Non-Wet Food Purchaser

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